About Me


My name is Elizabeth Martinez but I go by Liz

I have four beautiful children with my husband Matt. I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training at the Sojourn studio in Hanford. I began to work on my health in 2014 by doing group classes at various gyms, so I fell in love with feeling strong. Yoga challenged my idea of strong and now I get to share that felling with others. 

I have been instructing yoga to beginners and individuals with injuries, as well as first responders and competitive athletes. 


Why not yoga?

I have been teaching children in traditional classrooms for 11 years but there was no balance between my home and work life. An ad came across my social media for teacher training and gave it a shot. My favorite part of teaching was physical education and had some experience teaching kids yoga poses. I made the commitment to learn something new that focuses on self care and wellness. 


Healing through Yoga

I started yoga full of anxiety and feeling weak. I left my job to be a full time mom and had gallbladder surgery in 2018 that changed my outlook on my lifestyle. Having a consistent yoga practice helped me regain my core strength. Another change came with my flexibility, I have hyper mobile joints, especially my knees, that require me to use my muscles and not rely on my joints for holding my weight. I am now working on increasing my overall strength to support my joints. 

En Español.

Clases de Yoga


Mi nombre es Elizabeth Martinez. Soy orgullosa de poder ofrecer yoga en español pare mi comunidad. La práctica de yoga es mundial y beneficial para todos. 

Las clases se empiezan con practica de respirar, luego posturas para calentar los músculos, y se termina con restaura el cuerpo y mente en Savasana. 

Todas mis clases son bilingüe, pueden hacer cita para clases privada en español, perro mi meta es ofrecer clases en únicamente in español. 


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